Luminous is a professional multicore render for After Effects. Render heavy complex compositions faster and save time to meet pressing deadlines.

Luminous Bundle now available

Contains both Luminous 23 and 24

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Why Luminous render?

The advantage of multicore rendering is efficiency. This workflow allows to you render complex graphics and process large amounts of data across multiple cores simultaneously. Luminous sets this workflow up in an easy to use simple app.

Luminous Rendering Advantages

1. Supercharge Speed.

Multicore rendering can significantly accelerate the rendering process. Each core can handle a different part of the rendering sequence leading to faster overall render times. Additionally, Luminous rendering is processed with no UI, meaning render times can be improved by not having to compute UI elements that are
not necessary.

2. Deeper Efficiency

With Luminous Render you are free to continue working on projects while the render is occurring in the background, leading to an increase in production efficiency, regaining time that would otherwise be lost waiting for renders to finish.

3. Expand What's Possible.

Modern CPUs feature multiple cores to take advantage of parallel processing. Multicore rendering optimally utilizes these cores, effectively distributing the workload and preventing a single core from becoming a bottleneck. Performance is scaled on systems with higher core counts.